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    2016 가을학기 Internship Feedback
       IIT서울            17-02-08             625    
I had a meeting with 2016 fall students who are doing in their internship.
Below are their comments.
I only collected their comments who wanted to share their experience.
Satisfaction level is measured between 1 and 5 (5 is a maximum satisfaction).
Company name and intern names are anonymous.

1. Park related company
  Intern position is in an IT team.
  Spent most of time to study for first period to prepare works.
  Works in data search and collection, made floor plan, photo works.
  Good: The boss is very kind and good care for interns.
  Need to improve: Intern work scope is not clear.  A dedicated work plan
  might be helpful for future interns.
  Satisfaction: 3.5 out of 5

2. Park related company
  Internship position is in a landscaping team.
  The job requires word, CAS, photo shop skill.
  The intern expected to design floor plan and landscape related work.
  Intern did most works on document and inventory management.
  Did financial and do many Excel spreadsheet work.
  Good: Understand and experience US company work environment well.
  Need to improve: A dedicated work plan might be helpful for future interns.
  Satisfaction: 3 out of 5

3. Financial company
  All employees are financial advisors and they do all individual work for their
  clients. Those FAs do managing retirement plan and management for client's
  assets. Intern does data input of clients, study new policies and discuss. 
  Do many Excel works.
  Good: The CEO is very kind and tries to teach many works.
  Need to improvement: Computing facility is not good enough in the office for 
  interns.  Their expectation is higher than what interns can do.
  Intern cannot follow up all their required work sometimes.
  Satisfaction:  5 out of 5 (perfect score)

4. Real estate related company
  Interns work on multimedia creating work for each agent of the company.
  Made commercial film from scratch -- plan, design, made story, capture
  video, and editing.
  Good: CEO brought all interns to a nice Korean restaurant for dinner.
  A lot free intern work environment.
  Kitchen is available in office so it is very convenient.
  Need to improve: No computer is provided in the office so interns use their
  own notebook computers.
  Satisfaction: 4.5 out of 5

5. Real estate related company
  One intern chose this job to speak more English.
  Good company and good work environment but each agent regularly
  does not work in the office.
  Hard to meet staff and agents so English conversation is rare.
  Good: Free work environment.
  Need to improve: A regular meeting with agent or have a plan to meet agent
  Satisfaction:  3 out of 5 (if considering English conversation, 1 out of 5)

6. Seasoning food company
  Intern works in a R&D team to make a seasoning based on client's request.
  Good: A lot of English conversation with employees.
  When the planned work for the day is done, free time for interns.
  Free food and drinks.  Many drinks are available in a refrigeator for
  interns and employees.
  Need to improve: If major study area is not related, it's sometimes hard to
  follow up. But anyone study area is food or seasoning, perfect place for
  Satisfaction: 4.5 out of 5

7. Theater company
  Intern works very various works.
  This company didn't require first week work to come.
  Intern experiences lot of real works such as designing theater decoration,
  painting, creating stage.
  Staff and owner treat interns very well.
  Owner asked to intern for better idea to apply their stage or program.
  Good: Interns can work real company daily work as a real staff/employee.
  Watch many shows and programs of the theater.
  Need to improve: At the first week no work was assigned unless intern asked.
  Less number of staff to manage a theater so expectation from interns are
  too high.
  Satisfaction:  4.5 out of 5
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