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    장기연수(ICP) 2nd meeting feedback
       IIT서울            17-04-05             783    
I had a student meeting last week.
Below are their comments.
There was no serious complain and thanks for taking care of them.

Need to improve

1. Some people came in with different study area.  It is hard to follow for them.
2. A few students suggested if other engineering major students may pursue INTM major and INTM courses might be better fit for them instead of IT.
3. There are only Asian students in English courses.  They understand why it happens but if other country students join the English course, it might be better.  (there is an opposite comment below)
4. The housing RA had only a few events at the beginning of semester.  Students want to keep regular event of housing.
5. ICP students only stay in a dedicated floor and building in the MSV dorm.  Students prefer more distributed room assignment.
6. If more diverse country ICP students are mixed in courses, it is better.
7. More diverse ICP study area is preferred.
8. Food Science staff and instructors are still not aware of ICP students.
9. More practicial English course curriculum is preferred.
10. Too many homeworks and projects are assigned.

Good things in IIT

1. A week of spring break gives a full rest for students.
2. Class sizes small and faculty to student ratio is less.
3. Students can easily meet many foreign students in the IIT campus.
4. Environment of the MSV dorm is very good.
5. Small campus makes ICP student to access any place quicker.
6. Other foreign students in English classes.  (this is an opposite comment from above improve need tem #3)
7. IIT locatin is very good to access Chicago downtown.
8. Neighbor area has easy to access by bus and subway.
9. Good relationship with professors.
10. There are many campus activities that ICP students can participate in as regular IIT students.
11. There is a speaking group in campus and their sessions are good to improve English speaking and thinking.
12. IIT Sport Complex gym and swiming pool are very good.
13. Bowling alley and table tennis in the HUB are very different but excellent campus facilities than universities in Korea.

Have a good day!

Michael Y. Choi, Ph.D.
Adj. Professor
Dept. of Computer Science
Illinois Institute of Technology
ICP Spring student meeting for summer internship f...
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