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    장기연수-Fall 2017_1st meeting
       IIT서울            17-09-04             909    
Dear Nuala and Mr. Noh,

ICP Korean students and I had the first meeting last night.
We had a special guest, Mr. Noh, and he welcomed those Korean students.
Mr. Noh also supported pizza party in the meeting.
Thanks Mr. Noh, that students really enjoyed pizza and drinks.
I felt your good treatment made students shared their good comments more than ever before.  :-)
A few students even asked me the pizza store because it was the best taste they ever had.

There was no serious issues for the first settlement weeks.
Thanks to care well those students.

** Best things at IIT **

1. IIT campus land is flat, such as no up hills. 
    Many Korean university campuses are not flat land so more physical exercise were unavoidable.

2. Professors at IIT are very kind to students. 
    Professor and student relationship is very liberal at IIT.

3. IIT environment is very clean, especially air. 
  Students could not even feel air pollution at IIT.

4. Students can ask questions in class easily.
  Professors let students freely ask any questions.

5. Online course materials are available. 
  Students said this was a unique advantage they only could experience at IIT.
  Students could not understand very well in live lectures in English.
  However, IIT lecture video backup is available in the blackbaord system so students can repeat/review the past lectures again any time until they understand.
    ** Quick survey: most students agreed up to 60% average of live lecture understanding.
    ** They can study well with online video backups.
    ** My comment: IIT's Dgital Learning office is one of excellent service and other colleges do not offer.

6. Professors use various tools and systems in a class.
    IIT's Cloud computing course, for example, uses many other tools/systems that students rarely could experience from other place.

7. Making foreign friends are easily available in campus.

8. IIT has good convenience place such as BOG.
  Herman Hall has bowling alleys.
  BOG pub cafe has nice foods and drinks.

9. Subway stations are located closely so they can access downtown of Chicago easily.

10. Keating Sport Complex is an excellent place for physical traning or sport games.
    Very good gym facilities are available there.
    Indoor swimming pool is available.
    Indoor basket courts are available.

11. Students can use their bonus points well.

12. Main cafeteria foods are delicious and unlimited eating per meal is fine based on their meal plan.

13. People at IIT are very friendly.
14. Accessing any school building is easy and convenient.

15. Goods with school logo are pretty in IIT book store.

** Things to improve/comments for the first two weeks at IIT **

1. A few students said their pre-registered courses were all changed including ESL.
  >> Explained why it happened.
  >> Prerequisite knowledge assessment and English placement test results made that change.

2. Only ICP students are in many business courses.
  >> Explained that school cannot control registration of other regular students.

3. ESL uses expensive textbooks.
  >> Exaplained that textbooks are selected by curriculum.
  >> Gave examples of my textbook prices of last night course.

4. Student Health Center processes too slow for immunization shots.
  A students received shots there but SHC requested her to come back for another shot.

5. A student wanted to cancel internship program but Seoul office suggested to canel at IIT.
  Nuala, however, asked why not canceled the internship program before came to IIT.
  The student now have a tuition amount issue because she has to pay the correct tuition by 9/5.
  >> Suggest to meet Nuala again.
  >> Also if tuition is over paid, the reimbursement will be returned to her account later when program is adjusted.
  >> Mr. Noh also agreed the reimbursement will be made.

6. Some information by Seoul office was out dated.
  For example, male students who served their military service was fine for immunization hospital in Korea to get waival.
  But the hospital in Korea requested detail military immunization record by Korean DoD.
  >> Mr. Noh heard that and he would look for those unneccessary hospital request becasue Korean military gave all required shots.

7. UPASS vs. Ventura Card
  >> Explained that was change by CTA (Chicago Transit Authority), not by the IIT.
  >> Also explained advantage of no expiration date of Ventura card.
  >> UPASS is only for full time degree seeking students and the validation is expired at the last day of academic semester.

8. $5 credit for printing in IIT campus. 
  Some students received that credit but some students did not receive the credit.
  Nuala suggested those students to request OTS.
  However, OTS said they do not know about that credit.
  >> Survey result:  4 students had the credits, 18 students did not receive the credit.

9. A female students stays at Gonsales APT.
    She wants to move to MSV so she requested RA and housing office several times.
    However, she only received they were not the right staff to handle the case so they sent her case to each other.
    She wanted to decide her tuition but he housing matter has not yet finalized.
    >> Nuala, can you help her out?  Even though this is a housing issue but she has not received any answer from the right staff.
    >> I suggested her to go HO today and meet housing staff of director to discuss her current request.
    >> I will send you a separate email so you know who she is.
Have a good Labor Day long weekend.

Michael Y. Choi, Ph.D.
Adj. Professor
Dept. of Computer Science
Illinois Institute of Technology
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