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    [정규과정] 국내대학 학점 인정 IIT 규정
       IIT서울            12-10-23             3169    
Transfer of College-Level Credit

Transfer Credit

Official credit evaluations are completed only after a student is admitted to IIT. Courses may be acceptable for transfer from accredited colleges and universities, provided they are comparable in nature, content, and level to those offered at IIT. Credit may also be accepted, based on appropriate documentation, for DANTES, military experience, and CLEP (see page 266). IIT does not grant credit for vocational courses or life/work experience. In addition, technology courses will not be accepted in any engineering program. IIT will accept up to 36 hours of college course-work taken while still in high school from other accredited universities and colleges.

All college transcripts are to be submitted as part of the application for admission to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, regardless of the transferability of credits. A maximum of 68 applicable semester hours of transfer credit is permitted from a two-year college. There is no maximum number of hours of transfer credit from a four-year college; however, the final 45 semester hours of any degree program must be completed at IIT. Transfer credit will be accepted for courses completed with the equivalent of a grade C or better. A grade of C- is not acceptable for transfer credit. Grades from transfer courses are not included in the IIT cumulative or major grade point average. In certain instances, the academic department must approve transfer credit if a long period of time has elapsed since the course was completed.

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs (ugaa@iit.edu) regarding the transfer of courses from any college or university.
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